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The Balance Gym

Have you noticed the bee theme in everything at The Balance Gym?

Little explanation as of why...
The core of my teaching/coaching philosophy is, I strongly believe in instilling words of encouragement and building the confidence of each and every child. The level of confidence in a child can vastly change their perspective on what they believe they can achieve. Providing true, genuine encouragement, in every way, is what I strive for. Every child is unique in their own way. Every child should feel proud of what makes them who they are. No matter how small of an accomplishment, always celebrate the journey. To them, every accomplishment is an additional reminder to be proud of themselves. Remind them of how much they’ve grown. How truly amazing they are. 🐝❤️


At The Balance Gym, every child is reminded to:

🐝 Be Brave - try your best even when it’s difficult
🐝 Be Kind - to yourself and to those around you
🐝 Be Wild - be silly, goofy, and “wiggle it out”
🐝 Be You - there is no one out there better at being you


“Gracious words are like a honeycomb, sweetness to the soul and health to the body”

T-shirts can be any of the pictured designs, colors, and sizes.

T-shirts are $18

Pullovers are $25

Delivered right to your porch OR shipping additional $4.50! 

These shirts are super soft, because who would want to wear an itchy, scratchy shirt? These shirts are pressed using an iron on vinyl on a cotton shirt. Your little deserves comfort. After all, this is soon to become their favorite shirt!! 

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