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How are you sanitizing to ensure my little one stays healthy?

You and your little ones health and safety is our utmost priority. Everything that is used during your session is sanitized thoroughly to ensure all germs are wiped away. The cleaner that is used is Guardian 50, a USDA Organic Broad Spectrum Sanitizer.  

Hand sanitizer is provided and is asked to be used before the start and after any water breaks. This ensures your little one is starting fresh each time they get on the equipment.


Your instructor is more than willing to wear a mask upon request.  

Can my two kids participate together? They are a couple years apart.


Of course! Your instructor will be able to adapt all skills and activities to ensure each little is being met at their developmental level. This allows each child to be challenged and learn skills that are achievable! The overall goal of each session is to instill success and confidence in one's abilities. 

My child has no experience. Can they still participate?


No experience is necessary. Let us teach your little all they need to know! The goal of each session is for little ones to learn skills in a relaxed manner, grow confidences on the equipment, and most importantly have fun!

The Balance Gym Mobile Gymnastics provides the perfect opportunity to introduce gymnastics in an environment they are most comfortable. 

What happens if it rains?

If it rains on our fun day, dontcha worry. We can immediately reschedule your day of fun!!


Frequently Asked Questions

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