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Unbeatable Team: Meet the Staff




Hello! I'm Makayla McKean, a nature loving, gymnastics enthusiast, and certified teacher.  I began coaching recreational gymnastics in 2011, and must say it changed my life. 

For those that have not met me, my exuberant personality allows me to build one of a kind relationships. My passion for working with tiny humans has allowed me to claim the job title as the "child whisperer." 

Okay, slightly kidding about the child whisperer part, but I definitely have a true gift for what I do! 

I developed a curriculum that simultaneously promotes growth and stimulation to children 10 months to 12 years. This program focuses on lots of fun, learning and benefits like, core strength, cognitive skills, exercise, flexibility, confidence....need I say more? 

I cannot wait to make a positive impact on each of your littles. This wouldn't be possible without your trust in me. I am so excited to share my passion for gymnastics with your tiny human in a fun, silly, positive, and engaging environment. 


Image by Amy Shamblen


Program Director

Hi! I'm Julia. I am a mommy of a handsome little man named Brody. I am so excited to share my love of gymnastics with not only my son, but also your little ones!
As a kid, I gravitated towards gymnastics before I had even done it. Once I took my first class in 2007, I had become utterly obsessed and in love with everything about it. I did competitive and recreational gymnastics for a total of 8 years, as well as cheerleading in high school. From Sweet Bees to the Olympics, gymnastics is always on my mind. 
I met Makayla in 2016 when I began working at a gym with young children. I didn't know how beneficial gymnastics was to ALL ages until I saw firsthand how quickly the little ones progressed physically, mentally, and socially. As she trained me, I saw how incredibly passionate Makayla was about both the sport and the kiddos. It was so infectious that after working with her for 3 years, I just knew I had to be apart of this amazing journey. 
As an instructor, mom and former gymnast, I truly believe that this program provides the best stepping stones to self-confidence, respect, and the mindset that your child can do anything!

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